What is a Bostleg

a "bostleg" is the mix between a bootleg and an original sound track.
The participants in a bostleg tournament have to mix/overlay a chosen original extract from a video (which can be a film, cartoon, documentary, video game or whatever) with a new original sound track. See the example below :

Danger Bostleg Tournament Rules

- The original video can be altered (the participant may add Sound FXs or edit the video as long as it still looks like a real film excerpt, not a video clip)

- The original video's sounds and dialogues can be kept in the final mix. (it's even advised to do so in order to make the bostleg more vivid)
the audio track must be chosen between the three original tracks of Danger's latest EP (09/17 2007) and can not be edited

- The video must be uploaded on DANGER's Official FACEBOOK PAGE in the fan video category and on the dedicated YOUTUBE GROUP and must include the following mention in the title: Danger Bostleg Tournament. For copyright matters, the original source video and audio must be quoted where the video is uploaded.

The contest ENDS on Monday, March the 8th. 2010 at midnight.


the 3 winning BOSTLEGS will be chosen by DANGER and the Ekler'O'Shock management

the 3 winners get a vinyle + an original DANGER TEE SHIRT + a DANGER medal

the Best BOSTLEG will be used as the official DANGER's PROMOTIONAL VIDEO and will be online on his MYSPACE for one month.

so get Ready to make some kick ass and "DANGERous" bOSTleg!!!!

(if you have any question, please ask it here )